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Born To Die - Dogs

 A new BUAV investigation has uncovered the shocking killing of puppies BORN TO DIE in a UK laboratory. 

Milo, Tiggy, Sammy, Bailey, Freddie, Finn, Biffy, Pebbles, Buttons, Jake, Daisy, Rosie, Amber, Barney, Marcus, Ronnie, Bracken.  Adorable little beagle puppies who, like all pups, were playful little bundles of energy throwing themselves around.

But sadly these pups were born to die at MSD Animal Health; their brief lives tragically cut short at just a few weeks old. They never got to know the love of a human family, the joy of going out for a walk.  They never saw the sky, breathed fresh air or felt the grass beneath their feet.


Instead they were taken away from their mothers at just a few weeks old to be used in experiments. Callously their mothers were killed, usually within minutes of this separation. 

The puppies themselves were only kept alive for just a few weeks before being killed. During this time, many regularly had blood taken which was stressful. Some struggled and cried out while the workers tried to stick a needle into their small veins.  On the day the puppies were killed, they were restrained and given a lethal injection, their tiny bodies cut open and butchered to have parts taken away to be analysed.

 The live puppies were held in an area off from the killing room and were able to hear and smell what was happening to their brothers and sisters. On 15th October, the last pup to be killed that day became very distressed, whimpered and cried out as the workers injected the lethal dose into his vein. 


“Right, now I am going to do something gruesome, what I am going to do now is just hold this poor little soul over this bin and tip all the tubey bits out. So when we are doing the head the guts aren't falling everywhere.”

 - Said by a worker as she picked up a dead puppy and tipped his intestines into a bin.

Bonnie, Billie, Sadie, Bella, Madison, Mia, Tally, Mrs Robinson, Zoe, Cookies, Duchess, Latifa.  The puppies’ mums were either imported from Holland, or supplied by Harlan UK, an animal supply company.

Some were very nervous; others cautious but keen to make friends. Once they gave birth, most were only allowed to nurse their babies for a few weeks.  Used as breeding machines, once the experiment on their puppies was due to start they no longer served a purpose. However, rather than find a deserving home for these females to live out the rest of their lives in freedom, callously the company just killed them. 


Bonnie and Billie’s story


  •  Bonnie and Billie, 3 and 6 year old pregnant beagles, were transported from Holland to the laboratory in August 2013.

  • At the beginning of September Billie had 6 pups, including Bracken and Barney (pictured)

  • At the end of September, when they were just around 4 weeks old, all of Billie’s puppies and three of Bonnie’s were taken away from them. Between 4th and 10th October 2013, six of the puppies were killed. Blood was taken from them and their little bodies were dissected.

  • On 15th October 2013, three more puppies, by now just six weeks old, were killed and dissected. The young pups were killed in turn nearby so that they could hear and smell what was happening. The last puppy became very distraught, crying out loudly and whimpering as the staff tried to inject a needle containing the lethal fluid into a vein in his small paw.

  • On 17th October 2013 the remaining two puppies were also killed. By the end of October all of Bonnie and Billie’s babies were dead – at just six weeks old.

  • The company wanted to kill Bonnie and Billie as they did with all the mothers. But the BUAV investigator was able to secure their release. Both Bonnie and Billie were rescued from death and re-homed into loving homes by the BUAV. This is Bonnie and Billie on the day of their rescue.

Dogs are our best friends, they don’t belong in laboratories.  Please help the BUAV end the appalling killing of puppies, kittens and other animals born to die in UK laboratories.


  • Tally and Robin were killed on 23rd October after their 13 five week old pups were taken away from them. On 28th November, all the pups were killed. They were just 10 weeks old.

  • The mother of these lively young pups was killed within minutes of them being taken away her. Their short lives came to an end on 28th November when they were only 10 weeks old.

  • This is Oliver. He is one of the lucky ones His life was spared thanks to the BUAV investigator.

  • This is Oliver, at 4 months old, on the day of his rescue.

  • These sweet, innocent puppies were soon to be taken away from their mother.

  • These puppies never got to know the joy of going for a dog walk. Their brief lives were cruelly cut short at just a few weeks old.

  • Sammy was taken away from his mother, Robin, when he was just 5 weeks old. His mother was killed on the same day. Sammy was killed one month later with his brothers and sisters. He was just 10 weeks old.

  • Puppies regularly had blood taken. Some found it distressing while the workers tried to stick a needle into their small veins.

  • The puppies were cut open and various parts of their bodies removed

  • A gruesome spectacle as the puppies’ small bodies were disembowelled.