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Animal groups discuss animal testing at World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Testing

The World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Testing, held in Prague this year, also provides an opportunity for animal protection organisations from around the world to meet to discuss progress on ending animal experiments in their regions.

On this occasion, the organisations met at a specially arranged event hosted by Eurogroup for Animals. BUAV Head of Science, Dr Katy Taylor, updated the groups about our work on REACH and chemical testing and Monica Engebretson, the U.S Campaigns Manager from our sister organisation Cruelty Free International, presented on their amazing efforts all around the world to end cosmetic testing.

We heard from other groups about the progress on alternatives to animal testing in the USA and Australia. We also heard about an exciting initiative in the USA to show the environmental impacts that animal testing has; animal laboratories and breeding centres churn out waste as well as spending thousands on energy bills for ventilation and heating systems. Scientists from our colleagues at the New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS) have shown that animal laboratories can be 50 times more polluting than a regular office. NEAVS is trying to ensure that the disastrous consequences of animal testing for the environment are also acknowledged – as well as the scientific and ethical aspects- and we couldn’t agree more. Animal testing is a ‘mess’ by all accounts!

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