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Trading in Cruelty


Mauritius is the world’s second largest exporter of the long-tailed macaque. During 2004-2008, over 40,000 monkeys were exported. The USA is the largest importer of monkeys from Mauritius. In 2006, two recorded shipments alone consisted of 1,000 and 1,050 monkeys, sent by plane from Noveprim to the contract testing company, Covance, in the USA. The main European importers of these monkeys are the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Israel. According to the CITES database, in recent years France, Spain and Germany have all imported wild-caught primates from Mauritius. 

Airlines play an important role in perpetuating this chain of suffering. Monkeys are packed into wooden crates, usually too small to allow them even to stand up, and travel as cargo, usually on passenger air flights. They may have to endure inadequate ventilation, noise and extreme temperature fluctuations, as well as delays. Air France is a major airline responsible for shipping monkeys from Mauritius for the research industry. In recent years, it has shipped thousands of monkeys, including both wild-caught and the offspring of wild-caught monkeys. Recent examples include:

• On 29th January 2009, Air France transported 72 wild-caught monkeys from Bioculture in Mauritius to Worldwide Primates in the USA.
• On 3rd September 2009, Air France transported 120 F1 generation primates from Noveprim in Mauritius to Covance Research Products in the USA.
• On 17th December 2009, Air France transported 43 wild-caught and 68 F1 generation primates from Biodia in Mauritius to Charles River Laboratories in the USA. 

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