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Celebrity support for Captive Cruelty

The BUAV Captive Cruelty investigation uncovered the plight of wild baboons captured and used in disturbing research at the Institute of Primate Research (IPR) in Kenya.

We are grateful to these celebrities for their support and help in raising awareness of this campaign.

Please support our camapign by signing our petition calling on the President of Kenya to stop the cruel capture and use of wild baboons for research:


Chris Packham - TV Presenter and Wildlife Expert

"Keeping baboons in these terrible conditions when they used to living freely on the plains of Africa is desperately cruel. You can see from the images how barren and restrictive their cages are compared to their natural habitat.

I am delighted to hear that Newcastle University has listened to public concern and stated it will end these horrific baboon experiments. But we must now end the use of all wild-caught primates in research in Kenya. I urge you to continue to support the BUAV campaign:"

Joanna Lumley - Actress

"It is hard to comprehend how frightening and confusing it must be for any wild animal to find itself suddenly seized and held captive in a small barren cage. The film from the BUAV’s investigation is truly upsetting and I hope it results in a positive change for animals with a ban on the use of wild-caught primates for research."

Ricky Gervais - Comedian

"The findings from the BUAV investigation into the use of baboons for research in Kenya is very distressing. Their film shows just how much the animals suffer after being trapped in the wild and held captive in terrible conditions, some for years on end. 

The UK desn't allow experimentation on wild-caught primates and I hope that the findings of this investigation will make a real difference to stopping the practice in Kenya and other countries."

Sir Jonathon Porritt - Environmentalist and writer

"The latest investigation from BUAV makes for hard viewing - it's horrendous to think that this kind of abuse is still going on in the name of 'scientific development'".

Simon King - TV Presenter and Camerman

"It is hard to imagine the suffering and fear that wild animals must experience when torn from their natural habitat and held captive to be used for experimentation.

The BUAV investigation into a primate research facility in Kenya reveals the terrible conditions that wild-caught baboons are forced to live in - conditions which I find absolutely unacceptable.

The UK banned the use of wild-caught primates in research 18 years ago and I fully support the BUAV campaign to end this cruel trade."

Mark Carwardine - Zoologist and TV Presenter

"I was shocked to hear about the BUAV investigation into the use of wild-caught baboons for research in Kenya. 

The news that Newcastle University will be ending its involvement in the cruel use of wild-caught baboons for experiments in Kenya is a welcome development for aimal welfare.

It is essential, however, that the capture and use of baboons in Kenya is brough to an end so please join me in signing the BUAV petition to the President of Kenya today. Thank you. Http://"

Wendy Turner Webster - TV Presenter and Animal Advocate

"Scientific advancements do not need to rely on the cruel practice of tearing animals from the wild and forcing them to endure sickening experiments. 

The UK government banned research on wild-caught primates in 1995 and for good reason. Baboons belong in the wild, not confined in small cages to be subjected to shocking mutilation. 

Please join me in supporting the BUAV. We must take action today and ask for the Kenyan government to being these experiments to an end."

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