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Thank you for considering leaving a legacy to the BUAV. With over 50% of our income coming from legacies, your kind gift is vital to help us achieve our goal of creating a world free from animal testing.

A legacy from you could help us:

- inform and challenge beliefs by exposing the reality of animal experiments through our investigations

- change policy and legislation by influencing decision makers

- campaign for the development of alternative research method

- To find out more about remembering the BUAV in your Will see our FAQ section.

Important Legal Information

While it is a non-profit organisation, the BUAV is unable to gain charitable status. Following a challenge by the Inland Revenue in 1947, the House of Lords ruled that anti-vivisection organisations could not be charitable because their work is deemed not for the ‘public benefit’, one of the criteria necessary to register as a charity.

To include the BUAV in your Will it is important not to infer that we are a charity, as this may cause problems later. In order to avoid any confusion we would suggest that the following wording is used:

“I give to the BUAV (Registered in England as The Campaign To End All Animal Experiments), 16a Crane Grove, London N7 8NN:

- All the residue of my estate

- or one (insert share, e.g. ½) share of the residue of my estate

- or the sum of £(insert sum)

- or (insert specific gift, e.g. property)

for its purposes, and I direct that the receipt of the Finance Manager or other proper officer of the BUAV shall be a full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy.”

Please see our FAQ section for more information on how to write a Will and leaving a legacy to the BUAV.

The easiest way to set up a legacy with the BUAV is to get in touch with our Legacy Officer, Angela Bunting on 0300 003 0577 (calls charged at local rate) or email (Monday - Thursday inclusive).

Should you have a legacy enquiry outside of these times please contact Julian Littaur, Deputy CEO and Finance Director, on 020 7619 6987 or