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SkinPointEight by John Tsagaris celebrates Leaping Bunny certification

SkinPointEight by John Tsagaris has been awarded the Leaping Bunny certification. The SkinPointE...

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The BUAV welcomes date set by Korea to end animal testing for cosmetics

The BUAV and its sister organisation, Cruelty Free International, have welcomed the imminent launc...

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BUAV welcomes changes to REACH to reduce animal testing

EU chemicals legislation REACH was updated this week to change the requirements for one specific t...

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High Court Judgment puts Spotlight on Distressing Experiments on Macaques

A High Court judgment yesterday shone the spotlight on highly distressing experiments on macaque m...

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BUAV tells Government to stop taking the public for a ride over animal tests and start pedalling promises it can keep

Lunch-goers in the Hornsey and Wood Green area were stopped in their tracks today by an eye cat...

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