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Wendy Turner Webster takes five for animals!

The BUAV grabbed five minutes with Wendy Turner Webster to find out why she is such a passionate a...

Posted in: Latest News, Our Best Friends


Elements by Collinsworth takes a giant leap for bunnies!

Men’s skincare range Elements by Collinsworth is the latest company to be certified by the L...

Posted in: Latest News, Cruelty Free International, Go Cruelty Free


Actor Greg Lowe is a superhero for animals

Every year hundreds of cats and thousands of dogs suffer and die in experiments in the UK. Some ma...

Posted in: Latest News, Our Best Friends


BUAV presses case for action against cruel primate experiments

Pressure continues to mount following the ground-breaking revelations about primate experiments ob...

Posted in: Latest News, Investigations


BUAV raises concerns following Nobel Prize awarded to UK animal researcher

A UK-based neuroscientist, who has been awarded the Nobel Prize for his research which involves ex...

Posted in: Latest News, Science