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Animal tests double under REACH - more promotion and use of alternatives urgently needed

The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) has reacted with disappointment as figure...

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New BUAV report exposes shocking experiments on kittens and cats

The BUAV has carried out a comprehensive review of scientific literature involving cat experimen...

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BUAV and ECEAE scientific reports published in Altex

This month, European alternatives journal Altex has published two reports by scientists from the E...

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BUAV responds to Newcastle University claims for paralysis research in monkeys

The BUAV is always delighted to hear of scientific breakthroughs that positively impact human li...

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The BUAV highlights rabbits who are getting a RAW deal this Rabbit Awareness Week

Rabbit Awareness Week (10th May – 18th May 2014) is a national event that seeks to educate t...

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