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The BUAV is concerned to learn about the new ‘critical care’ animal facility at Edinburgh University

Scientists at Edinburgh University are to build a laboratory dubbed ‘one of the world’...

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Cloning mammoths will only cause suffering for their elephant descendants

The BUAV has today raised concerns about the intention to clone a mammoth using DNA extracted from...

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BUAV condemns rise in animal experiments in Northern Ireland

The BUAV has today criticised a 7% increase in the number of animals used in experiments in Northe...

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BUAV Senior Research Scientist presents at alternatives conference in New Delhi

BUAV Senior Research Scientist, Dr Jarrod Bailey is today delivering a lecture at a conference on ...

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BUAV reports from the 10th annual conference on alternatives to animal testing in Brussels

The BUAV science team, on behalf of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), atte...

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