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Sentenced to death to make fire extinguishers

A group of chemical companies have been ordered by the European Chemicals Agency, an organisatio...

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This #WorldAIDSDay marks over 30 years of cruel primate experiments - but there is still no cure for AIDS

  Today is #WorldAIDSDay but after more than three decades of effort to find a cure for AID...

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The BUAV and ECEAE have been allowed to intervene in a landmark court case

For the second time, some elements of the cosmetics industry want to strike down the EU animal cos...

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The BUAV is concerned to learn about the new ‘critical care’ animal facility at Edinburgh University

Scientists at Edinburgh University are to build a laboratory dubbed ‘one of the world’...

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Cloning mammoths will only cause suffering for their elephant descendants

The BUAV has today raised concerns about the intention to clone a mammoth using DNA extracted from...

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