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Dr Jane Goodall & Ian Redmond join BUAV to speak out against the plight of wild baboons in Kenya

World famous primatologist, Dr Jane Goodall, DBE Founder - the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messe...

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Owl Monkeys used in controversial research finally get their freedom

The BUAV has welcomed a decision by authorities in Colombia that has resulted in hundreds of wild-...

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Imperial College London falls short of standards required under UK legislation

A damming report published today by The Animals in Science Committee (ASC), a government advisory ...

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BUAV investigation exposes sheep suffering at Cambridge University

A BUAV undercover investigation at the University of Cambridge has revealed the use of sheep for r...

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Can you spare five minutes to make a difference for the thousands of dogs and hundreds of cats killed in UK laboratories each year?

The BUAV has recently released the shocking findings from its Born To Die investigation into ...

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