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BUAV renews call for independent inquiry into cruel primate experiments in German laboratory

 The BUAV and Soko Tierschutz have renewed their call for all licences to conduct research on...

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Investigation causes media and political storm regarding the use of primates in a leading EU research facility

The  BUAV and Soko-Tierschutz  investigation which revealed  the cruel experiments ...

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Ricky Gervais and host of celebrities help BUAV raise awareness about cruel monkey experiments at leading European laboratory

Well known for his love of animals and his outspoken defence of their welfare, Ricky Gervais has r...

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BUAV investigation reveals monkeys flown by Air France from Mauritius to suffer in European laboratories

The BUAV has renewed its call to Air France to stop transporting primates destined for research...

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BUAV investigation uncovers cruel experiments on monkeys in leading EU laboratory

The BUAV has accused a leading European research institute, the Max Planck Institute for Biologica...

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