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Licensed To Kill


BUAV uncovers Imperial College London links with overseas dog experiments

A recent BUAV investigation at Imperial College London uncovered staff incompetence and neglect ...

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Wendy Turner-Webster joins BUAV to hand in petition calling for an independent inquiry into animal suffering at Imperial College London

  Television presenter and animal advocate, Wendy Turner-Webster, today joined the BUA...

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Urgent appeal to sign and share the BUAV petition against animal suffering at Imperial College London

  There are just a few days left to sign our petition. A BUAV investigation into animal res...

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BUAV takes campaign call across London for independent inquiry at Imperial College

The BUAV is taking its campaign message to the streets of London today with an eye-catching mobile...

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MPs join BUAV at Downing Street to deliver open letter calling for independent inquiry into Imperial College London

The BUAV Director of Policy, Dr Nick Palmer, was joined at 10 Downing Street this week by Adrian S...

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