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Imperial College scientists watch brain through skull ‘window’ in live mice

In a cruel experiment conducted by researchers at Imperial College London, a ‘window’ ...

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BUAV uncovers Imperial College London links with overseas dog experiments

A recent BUAV investigation at Imperial College London uncovered staff incompetence and neglect ...

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Wendy Turner-Webster joins BUAV to hand in petition calling for an independent inquiry into animal suffering at Imperial College London

  Television presenter and animal advocate, Wendy Turner-Webster, today joined the BUA...

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Urgent appeal to sign and share the BUAV petition against animal suffering at Imperial College London

  There are just a few days left to sign our petition. A BUAV investigation into animal res...

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BUAV takes campaign call across London for independent inquiry at Imperial College

The BUAV is taking its campaign message to the streets of London today with an eye-catching mobile...

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