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Party conferences: the BUAV and Cruelty Free International gear up to put animal experiments at the heart of politics

Party conference season is fast approaching and the BUAV team is getting ready for a busy few week...

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Walking Dead star Norman Reedus joins Cruelty Free International call for global ban on animal tests for cosmetics

Norman Reedus defends animals in laboratories, calls for cosmetics test ban in US The Walking De...

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Dogs Trust puts paws up for BUAV’s Our Best Friends campaign

Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, has put its paws up for dogs caged in crue...

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BUAV welcomes UK announcement on enforcing marketing ban on animal tested cosmetics

The BUAV has welcomed the news that product information files will be examined by Trading Standard...

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Ask your MP to sign EDM 442 calling on the Government to take action over the increase in animal experiments

The Government has failed for a third year on its 2010 post-election pledge to work to reduce the ...

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