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Asiana Airlines joins BUAV’s list of airlines that do not transport primates for research

The BUAV is pleased to announce that Asiana Airlines, one of South Korea’s major airlines, h...

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BUAV raises concerns over numbers of primates exported from Mauritius in early 2014

The BUAV has raised its concerns regarding by the latest figures released that show between Januar...

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BUAV launches tourism awareness campaign with an appeal to travel operators to help the monkeys of Mauritius

This week, the BUAV Save our Monkeys campaign has launched a tourism awareness campaign addressi...

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Save Our Monkeys counters claims made for using Mauritius macaques in Hepatitis B research

The BUAV Save Our Monkeys campaign aims to raise awareness of the plight of the long-tailed macaqu...

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Time is running out for the monkeys destined for the USA

Time is running out. On the 2nd June ABX Air will be transporting hundreds of monkeys from China t...

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