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John Nettles, Sue Johnston, Pam Ayres and Wendy Turner Webster unite to support campaign for dogs in laboratories to be found new homes

The high-profile actors, author and journalist have joined with the BUAV in its campaign to make i...

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Wendy Turner Webster and Bonnie, a rescued beagle, join the BUAV in Milton Keynes petition hand-in to end experiments on puppies and kittens

Journalist and TV Presenter, Wendy Turner Webster joined the BUAV today to deliver a petition of o...

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BUAV presented petition to Eric Pickles requesting he stop beagle breeding farm

  The BUAV was today joined by beagle Oliver (homed by the BUAV during a 2013 investigation...

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Ricky Gervais, Chris Packham and Carley Stenson join the BUAV to oppose controversial beagle farm

The BUAV has been joined by celebrities in calling on the Planning Inspectorate to reject an appea...

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Snooker legend Willie Thorne backs the BUAV in calling for an end to cat and dog experiments

"The Great WT", as he is affectionately known, was a regular in the Top 16 World Rank...

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