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Trading in Cruelty


The BUAV calls on UK tourists to help the monkeys of Mauritius when booking on ‘Sunshine Saturday’

Saturday 11th January is tipped to see a peak in UK holidaymakers booking trips abroad, so leading...

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Trading in Cruelty

The BUAV exposes the terrible plight of the monkeys on Mauritius, exported around the world for th...

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BUAV applauds the Puerto Rico Senate's opposition to monkey breeding facility

The BUAV applauds the latest dramatic development and further blow to Bioculture, the Mauriti...

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BUAV releases further shocking evidence of monkey suffering in Mauritius

The BUAV investigation into the trade in monkeys for research on Mauritius has obtained shocking i...

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BUAV monkey trade investigation makes headline news in the Sunday Mirror

  The BUAV investigation into the monkey trade on Mauritius made headline news at the weeke...

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