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Helping animals in laboratories this holiday

With only a few weeks to go and in the excitement of the holidays, please do not forget there is s...

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Working towards our mission to end animal experiments

The BUAV is committed to achieving a world where no one wants, or believes we need to experiment o...

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Over twenty five years of undercover work and we continue to reveal the suffering of animals in laboratories

Through our in-depth undercover investigations, the BUAV has exposed the reality of life for anima...

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United we can ensure the world hears about the reality of life for animals in laboratories

When we launch a new campaign, reveal an undercover investigation or request support to contact po...

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BUAV investigation exposes the Living Nightmare for monkeys in a leading EU laboratory

Last week, footage from a joint investigation by the BUAV and German animal group, Soko Tierschutz...

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