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Good news for beagles!

I was delighted with the news that the appeal by Bantin & Kingman, to build a breeding facility in Yorkshire which would supply beagles for experiments, has been rejected by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.  I am proud of the role the BUAV played in alerting people across the UK to this planning proposal. Our opposition to the farm and our petition, signed by thousands of people, received national and regional media coverage. We also had great support from the public and backing from celebrities such as Ricky Gervais and Dr Brian May!

Thank you to everyone who signed the BUAV petition and wrote to the Planning Department and Communities Secretary to voice your concerns about this proposal. Thousands of animals who would have been bred to die in cruel experiments have been spared. This is truly a victory for the beagles!

Yet more encouraging news with Switzerland becoming the first country in Europe to approve and accept the new non-animal test for use in the stability and potency testing of Allergan’s botulinum toxin products Botox® and Vistabel®.  This follows approval in the USA and Canada.  Along with our colleagues in the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) we have campaigned for an end to the cruel use of animals in botulinum toxin tests.  I recently met with Allergan and the company confirmed that it has already filed for approval throughout the EU. Allergan has shown that it is possible to replace the cruel mouse test and we now appeal to the European medicines regulators to accept this test for BOTOX® and VISTABEL® sold in the European Union as swiftly as possible

Last week we released harrowing video footage of monkeys trapped in the jungles of Indonesia for the research industry. Please take a moment to watch the video and support the important work the BUAV is doing to investigate and expose the suffering and exploitation of the long-tailed macaque;  the most heavily traded primate species used in research.  

In other primate news, thank you to those who responded to our urgent action alert and contacted Air France. Following an international outcry, Air France cancelled a shipment of 60 monkeys due to be transported from Mauritius to the USA this week. Unfortunately this does not mean the end of monkey shipments. We are now calling on Air France to adopt a permanent embargo on such shipments and to join the BUAV’s growing list of airlines which refuse to be involved in the cruel trade in primates for research.

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