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We believe it is time for a debate on animal testing in Parliament

This is a crucial time for animals in laboratories as the UK Government is currently considering its approach to three key areas of animal testing. We believe it is time for MPs to have a debate on this important issue. I urge you to sign our e-petition and circulate widely to friends and family

In other news, I was delighted by our landmark Freedom of Information (FOIA) decision by the Information Tribunal which has ordered Newcastle University to disclose licences governing its research on primates.  A “strong public interest in animal welfare and in transparency and accountability” of animal experiments was noted by the Tribunal. This has been a three year struggle for us just to find out what is happening to these monkeys in publicly funded research. This is unacceptable. Our victory has received great media coverage which has led to wider discussions about transparency and animal experiments.

Finally, we have just launched a BUAV island-wide advertising campaign on Mauritius, highlighting the role of the country in the international monkey trade. Each year up to 10,000 of monkeys are ripped from their families and exported to laboratories worldwide to suffer and die in cruel experiments. 

It is an industry that has largely been kept hidden from residents and tourists and the BUAV has played a vital role in highlighting the suffering inflicted on these sentient beings. To find out how you can help our campaign, please visit: www.buav.org/take-action

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