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The monkeys of Mauritius need your help!


This week the BUAV has launched a striking tourist awareness campaign, appealing to holidaymakers to help us end the cruel monkey trade on Mauritius!

At the centre of the campaign sits a prominent advert highlighting the dark secret behind the picturesque island of Mauritius – the cruel trade of monkeys. Each year vast numbers of the Mauritian monkey population are snatched from their jungle homes, separated from their families and used as breeding machines. Their offspring are then exported to laboratories across the UK, Europe and the USA where they will suffer and die in cruel experiments.

Yesterday we took our campaign to the streets in our eye-catching ad-van, including directly to the Mauritius High Commission in London where I handed in the findings of the BUAV investigation into the Mauritius primate trade and formally requested  a meeting with the High Commissioner.

This cruel monkey trade has been largely hidden on Mauritius and the BUAV has been instrumental in highlighting the suffering of these poor individuals. If you would like to play your part to put an end to their suffering you can write to the Mauritius Prime Minister and the Mauritius High Commission in the UK, or make a donation which will help us circulate our advert and thus spread this important message further. 

In other news, I am delighted by the support we have received from actress and model Sienna Miller for our No Cruel Cosmetics campaign. Alongside other high profile celebrities, such as Sir Paul McCartney and Jenny Seagrove, Sienna is calling for the European Commission not to delay the 2013 ban to end the sale of new animal tested cosmetics across the EU. 

Governments in Belgium, Sweden and Austria have already supported the 2013 marketing ban on animal tested cosmetics. However, we are incredibly disappointed that our own government has not yet responded in a similar way. Please help us encourage the UK government to show their support towards the ban by writing polite emails to Ed Davey MP, Minister for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs. 

Finally, we've already had a fantastic response to the campaign with over 115,000 people signing our petition, but sadly this isn't enough so please show your support by signing the petition here.

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