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From the World Congress on Alternatives, Canada


Dr Katy Taylor and I are in Montreal, Canada this week at the 8th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences. We’re here to give presentations to scientists, veterinarians, animal welfare organisations, companies and regulators from around the world about our work to end animal experiments under European chemicals legislation, REACH, and the upcoming 2013 cosmetics testing deadline. It’s set to be a very busy week and we’re really looking forward to this important opportunity to make sure that animals in laboratories have a voice.

We’re really pleased to have further fantastic news for our Cargo Cruelty campaign. Caribbean Airlines has now moved over to our ‘do not ship’ list, having updated its policy to state that "Caribbean Airlines will not accept primates used for laboratory research experimentation and exploitation purposes". This is another great victory for our Cargo Cruelty campaign which has really been gathering momentum over the past few weeks – only last month American Airlines introduced a similar policy. Thank you to everyone who has written to these airlines and others on our ‘do ship’ list, and shared the ugly truth about airlines film and petition.

We’ve had a great response so far to our petition against the building of a beagle breeding facility in Yorkshire to supply the research industry. Although we were initially successful in objecting to the plans when they were proposed to East Riding council, the applicants, Bantin & Kingman Universal Ltd, are appealing the rejection with The Planning Inspectorate. Please help us by writing polite letters of objection to The Planning Inspectorate, and sign and share our petition with family and friends. We have just a short time to do this so it is important you act quickly. 

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