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Join us in speaking out against their suffering

With many animal, environmental and humanitarian issues clamouring for the headlines and for attention in the fast paced world we live in, there can be a lot of information to digest as it rushes past us through the various on and offline outlets we communicate with daily.

This is why, in order to keep up vital attention for our campaigns, we need to ensure that it is not only our supporters who  speak out for animals suffering in laboratories, but that we can also join forces with high-profile spokespeople whose influence can shine a light on the reality of the use of animals in  experiments.

This week, we have been grateful to receive the support of primatologists Dr Jane Goodall  and Ian Redmond in speaking out for the wild baboons at the Institute of Primate Research in Kenya; whose suffering we exposed in December 2013 after a lengthy undercover investigation.

In adding their voice to our own we have been able to place this issue on the agenda of the African media agencies and the Government officials who could put an end to the horrors these sentient beings experience after being torn from the wild and imprisoned in a laboratory.

The BUAV has been campaigning to end the use of animals in experiments for over 100 years and our mission has strengthened year on year as a result of our dedicated supporters who speak up for those suffering in silence. We are grateful to each one of you for joining us in order to make real and lasting change for animals in laboratories.

It is essential we reach as wide an audience as possible in order to secure this significant change and there are many ways you can help us, and the animals. Please consider making a donation, or setting up a regular financial gift which helps fund our investigations, campaigning and policy work to reach as many influential decision makers as possible.

Of course, taking valuable action for animals does not necessarily need to be monetary, as advocacy in today’s time of powerful social outreach means we can effectively spread our message around the world at the click of a button. And, that is where we need you! Please follow our social networking channels and share the news of our work and how people can actively help animals.

One way in which the power of online action has helped our sister organisation, Cruelty Free International, in its global campaign to end cosmetics testing on animals is to tell the world to back a Bill in Brazil to end this senseless suffering.

Animal lovers across the globe have been harnessing their own digital influence to ensure that a possible Bill, which would be the first step to a complete ban on animal testing for cosmetics, comes to fruition, saving the lives of countless animals. Find out how you can join this global voice and speak out for more animals in every corner of the world.

A virtual presence is as vital as a personal one, so while today’s technology allows us to communicate across time zones and physical borders, we must also be able to reach out and speak one to one with the very people who are in a position of power to stop animal suffering once and for all. That is why Cruelty Free International‘s Director of Policy, Dr Nick Palmer, is currently in China to meet with officials and present our alternatives report and advise on a roadmap to end the cruel use of animals for cosmetics. You can continue to find out more updates like this about our work around the world by following @crueltyfreeintl and our Facebook page.

Sadly, we still do not live in an age where we can quieten our call for an end to animal testing as these archaic and needless experiments are rife. However, as the founding BUAV campaigners used the tools they had to hand 100 years ago to raise awareness, so can we today and as technology advances for communication so will we use it to speak out against suffering.

We thank you for consistently using your voice for a collective display of compassion for animals and to show the world that we will not be silenced while animals still suffer.

Until next time……