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It's time to end secrecy once and for all

The BUAV has just submitted our response to the Government’s consultation on lifting some of the secrecy regarding animal experiments.

We have long maintained a dedicated campaign directed at this essential issue of openness as the public has a right to know exactly what happens to animals behind closed laboratory doors.

We are encouraged by the fact that the Government now accepts that Section 24 of the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act isincompatible with any kind of transparency and open debate. But, we remain concerned that the Government's proposals could lead to lengthy delays and legal confusion, and we are therefore urging rapid action to settle the issue before the General Election in 2015.

It is vital we secure the removal of Section 24 and demand true openness and transparency from inside laboratories  rather than the ‘transparency’ on offer from the research industry – a quick, whistle-stop PR tour for journalists through handpicked laboratories.

The BUAV has carried out a number of investigations in UK laboratories that show a contrast between claims made by government and industry and the reality experienced by animals in laboratories; in particular poor standards, lack of enforcement of legislation and a failure to minimise suffering.

But, sadly, the mission to end animal experimentation is a complex and multi-stranded one and much needs to be highlighted and opposed. So, while we campaign to shine a light on what is happening to the millions of animals used in UK laboratories each year, we are also taking action to prevent facilities being built which will add to this number and mean more animals bred for research.

Sadly, you may be all too familiar with our previous campaign to prevent a new facility being built in Yorkshire by Bantin & Kingman to breed beagles and ferrets for research.

Having made a difference in both 2012 and 2013 following our campaign to  prevent the construction; we are dismayed to have to once again campaign to stop this facility from going ahead  now that  an appeal has been launched by the company to overturn the refusal.

If the appeal is granted, this would literally mean permission to breed hundreds, if not thousands, of animals every year to suffer and die for the research industry.

We cannot let this happen. Please sign our petition in support of our campaign to urge the Planning Inspectorate to reject the appeal.

Only at the end of last year we rescued three beagles from certain death inside a testing facility. If the site in Grimston, East Yorkshire is given the go-ahead they will be able to breed and house up to 2,000 dogs at a time.

Each and every one of these dogs will have their own unique personality, their quirky traits and behaviours. They will feel pain, fear and anxiety and they will never get to enjoy the security and care of a loving home.

Oliver – one of the beagles we rescued in January – has grown and changed so much since he was saved from death at just 13 weeks old.  Here he is on a recent visit to the BUAV office. He has grown into a fun, happy and energetic boy.

If Bantin & Kingman is given permission to build this breeding factory, the thousands of dogs imprisoned inside will never have the chance to grow and enjoy their life as Oliver now can.

Please do all you can to help us stop this from happening.  Thank you for your dedication and for all that you do for animals.

Until next time…….