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Sir Paul McCartney joins our global mission to end cosmetics testing on animals

The past year has been an extremely busy but exciting time for the BUAV. Following our success in achieving a ban on animal testing for cosmetics in the European Union, Cruelty Free International, (the organization established by the BUAV), has made some real headway in ending the use of animals to test cosmetics worldwide. So, I am delighted that Sir Paul McCartney has joined us with our global mission. Sir Paul, who is a long–time supporter of the BUAV, joins Cruelty Free International celebrity supporters Joss Stone, and Global Ambassadors Peter Dinklage and Ricky Gervais.

This week, I am travelling to the United States to give a keynote speech at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in New York. The summit brings together some of the leading organizations involved in sustainability in the cosmetics industry so it is an important opportunity for us to get our message across. Only last week, Dr Nick Palmer, our Director of Policy, presented at the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) hearings on US policy in cosmetics regulation. We are urging the FDA to follow Europe’s lead and do the right thing for animals and consumers by mandating non-animal methods for cosmetics immediately. Please support our call to the FDA to ban animal tests for cosmetics.

In other news, support is growing for our call to the Home Office to set up an independent inquiry into the findings from our investigation at Imperial College London. Last week, we were delighted to announce that Morrissey has joined us and our petition has to date received over 50,000 signatures. Thank you so much to everyone who has signed. Please do sign and share the petition if you have not already done so. Much of the evidence accumulated by our investigation includes statements by the researchers and staff themselves; their own admissions of wrongdoing, neglect and incompetence resulting in unnecessary animal suffering. Our investigation has raised many significant and far reaching questions about animal research in the UK, how the Home Office make licensing decisions and the adequacy of the inspection and enforcement regime. That is why it is so important for a full independent inquiry to take place. . 

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