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Let’s Clean up Cruelty in the local elections


In the run up to local elections next month, the BUAV is encouraging supporters to ask local candidates’ views on using cleaning products which have been tested on animals.

Large parts of the country will go to the polls on Thursday 3rd May to vote in local council elections, with London also choosing a new Mayor. The BUAV has already been in contact with a number of councils to promote our Clean up Cruelty campaign, and we have already received positive feedback from across the political spectrum.

Supporters are encouraged to ask candidates about their policy on the use of cruelty free cleaning products, and whether they will commit to tabling a motion in their council after the election. The model motion and more information are available from the BUAV office. Information on who is standing in your area will appear on your local council website next week. 

Councils which have already passed a motion specifying that only cleaning products which have not been tested on animals should be used for council purposes include Sheffield, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Enfield

For further information on the BUAV Clean up Cruelty campaign.