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Sherrie Hewson and Craig Phillips call for animal friendly spring cleaning


This spring, two of the nation’s favorite personalities, Loose Women presenter Sherrie Hewson, and DIY expert Craig Phillips are supporting the BUAV Clean Up Cruelty campaign to ban animal testing for products used to clean our homes.



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Loose Women presenter and Benidorm star Sherrie Hewson said, “It’s outrageous that such shocking cruelty is still allowed in Britain – I thought we were supposed to be a country of animal lovers! This spring, I will be looking for cleaning products with the Leaping Bunny logo. You’ve got to have a heart for animals – please support the BUAV Clean Up Cruelty campaign to ban animal tests for cleaning products in the UK by visiting”




Big Brother I winner and DIY expert Craig Phillips said, “I can’t imagine any animal being forced to suffer in cruel tests for cleaning products. Please support the BUAV Clean Up Cruelty campaign and look for the BUAV Leaping Bunny logo when buying your spring cleaning products.”

The BUAV has spearheaded a campaign to end the use of animals to test household products in the UK. The Clean Up Cruelty campaign has gained widespread support around the UK from politicians, councils, retailers and the public who have pledged to only use cleaning products which are free from animal testing approved under the BUAV’s Humane Household Product Standard, symbolised by the Leaping Bunny Trademark.

There is a large range of certified cleaning products available on the High Street, including those made by The Co-operative, Marks & Spencer, Superdrug, Ecozone, Method Products, Astonish, Bio-D, Suma and Faith in Nature, demonstrating that it is possible to produce safe and effective cleaning products without inflicting pain and suffering on animals.

For a full list of BUAV certified products please visit

To encourage your work-place, council or MP to take the Clean Up Cruelty pledge, please visit