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Public urged to act over transportation of monkeys to Canada for experiments



The BUAV, a leading animal protection organization based in the UK, has received a tip-off that a shipment of monkeys will be arriving in Toronto during the next few days en route to a laboratory in Montreal to be used in experiments. The tip-off came from a concerned Toronto airport staffer and reportedly involves the Chinese airline, Hainan Airlines, due to fly a shipment of monkeys from China to Toronto.

The BUAV is urging people to contact Hainan Airlines urging it to join the growing number of airlines to have adopted a permanent embargo on all primate shipments.

The BUAV has led the international campaign calling on airlines to stop transporting primates destined for the research industry, an issue of strong public interest. In recent years, an increasing number of airlines have taken the decision to dissociate themselves from the cruelty and suffering that are intrinsic to the trade in primates. These include British Airways, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Northwest Airlines, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Qantas Airways, South African Airways, Delta Airlines, Eva Air and China Airlines.

The international trade in primates for research is a global industry that involves misery, suffering and death on a massive scale. Thousands of monkeys are trapped in the wild, ripped from their family groups and native habitats; others are bred in captivity, usually under factory farmed conditions. The capture and confinement of such primates causes anxiety and stress.

Transportation by air serves only to exacerbate these problems and contributes to further suffering. Primates destined for the research industry are packed into small wooden crates and travel as cargo, predominantly on passenger air flights to destinations around the world. In addition to the cramped conditions, the monkeys may have to endure delays, inadequate ventilation, noise and extreme temperature fluctuations as they are shipped on extremely long journeys to research laboratories across the world

Concerned members of the public are being asked to contact Hainan Airlines at:

Toronto Office:
Head Office in China:

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