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BUAV's Sov Nou Zako /Save Our Monkeys campaign launches in Mauritius


A new campaign, Sov Nou Zako (Save Our Monkeys), has been launched in Mauritius by the BUAV. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the plight of the long-tailed macaque in Mauritius and urges the people of Mauritius to support the BUAV’s efforts to stop the cruel trade and export of monkeys around the world for use in experiments.

A new tri-lingual website (in English, Kreol and French) has been launched alongside a social media presence for Save Our Monkeys on Facebook and Twitter and a campaign leaflet. These new online tools and materials will enable Mauritians concerned about what is happening to their monkeys to join the BUAV campaign.

People in Mauritius will be shocked to learn that their country is the world’s second largest supplier of primates to the research industry; every year up to 10,000 monkeys are exported around the world. Many people are unaware of the cruelty and suffering that is inflicted on the country’s monkey population.  Monkeys are torn from their habitat and families to be imprisoned in large breeding facilities in Mauritius, where they produce babies who will later be exported as cargo on airlines to laboratories in the USA, Europe including the UK.  

The BUAV Chief Executive, Michelle Thew, said: “Save Our Monkeys has been launched to raise awareness of and unify support for the monkeys of Mauritius. It is a campaign for the people of Mauritius who want to join us in ending the cruel trade and export of Mauritian monkeys for research. Please visit the Save Our Monkeys website and join the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.”