BUAV call to Indonesia to ban the capture and trade in wild monkeys


The BUAV, is calling on the Government of Indonesia to end the trade in wild long-tailed macaque.The call comes following shocking secret video footage of monkeys openly for sale at markets and during the capture of hundreds of other wild macaques for a company that exports primates to the international research industry. In addition to the cruel and brutal treatment of these animals, the international and domestic trade of the long-tailed macaque in Indonesia is raising concerns about the survival of the species.

Harrowing footage obtained by BUAV investigators in Yogyakarta shows terrified monkeys ripped from their jungle homes and families. The animals were trapped in netting, roughly handled and bundled into sacks before being forced into transit crates. The monkeys were bewildered and can be seen on film frantically trying to escape their captivity; some injuring themselves in the process.