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Cosmetics brands tell European Commission “Delaying ban would discriminate against European enterprises”


Companies certified under the international Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS) have today written to the top decision-maker on cosmetics at the European Commission, Commissioner Dalli.

The companies, including Bulldog Natural Skincare, Urtekram and Santaverde, have urged the European Commission to listen to the great majority of consumers who want the industry to move beyond animal testing.

Simon Duffy, founder of Bulldog Natural Skincare said, “We would be dismayed if the marketing ban was delayed.  Bulldog Natural Skincare has been able to bring new products to market without animal experiments and we look forward to continuing to do so.”

The letter states,

1. “We have anticipated the 2013 marketing ban on cosmetics tested on animals, respecting the clear will of the European institutions and consumers.

2. We should be dismayed if the marketing ban was delayed, subverting the intention of the original legislation.

3. We have been able to bring new products to market without animal experiments and look forward to continuing to do so.

4. We expect implementation of the ban will encourage industry to develop alternatives if it is thought there may still be gaps. We in turn will benefit from the development of innovative materials which are manufactured without animal tests.

5. We believe the situation that experiments are banned on ethical grounds within the EU but tolerated if they take place overseas for products sold in the EU, is illogical and discriminates against European enterprises.”

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) said, “I’m delighted that these HCS certified companies have given their support and written to the European Commission to express their concerns about a potential delay or watering down of the 2013 deadline.  As these companies can show, there is no need for cosmetics to be tested on animals.   We urge Commissioner Dalli not to prolong the suffering of animals for cosmetics testing and to maintain 2013 deadline as intended.

The ECEAE ( is running the No Cruel Cosmetics campaign calling for the animal testing ban to go ahead in 2013.  Celebrities, politicians, cosmetic companies and European citizens are being urged to sign the Euro-wide petition at

The cosmetics companies to have signed the joint statement are: 


BIO BEE Natursalva AB

Buddha Beauty

Bulldog Natural Skincare


Doux Me Modern Bio Cosmetics

Eilas hudvårdsprodukter

Färg och förändring

Natural By Nature

Nea of Sweden