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BUAV speaks out against the birth of the world’s first 'chimeric' monkeys


The BUAV has spoken out against the birth of the world’s first 'chimeric' monkeys in a USA laboratory. Calling the research deeply disturbing, the BUAV Science Adviser, Dr Jarrod Bailey, stated: "Using such highly sentient animals in this research raises enormous ethical concerns and imposes a heavy welfare burden, resulting in severe suffering to many animals. As few genetically modified animals show the ‘desired’ characteristics, many will be killed even before any research can take place, while others will die of severe and unrelated malformations caused by the genetic modifications. The monkeys who do exhibit characteristics of ‘interest’ are destined to suffer greatly by their very nature, and via the experiments to which they will be subjected.

The validity of research with monkeys and that using genetically modifying animals has never been established. Instead of satisfying their curiosities by deliberately causing suffering to nonhuman animals, scientists should instead study human cells, tissues, and humans themselves, in order to make true and humane medical progress."

The BUAV's statement has appeared in many news publications including the Daily Mail, Huffington Post and Sky News.