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BUAV call to holidaymakers to help the monkeys of Mauritius goes mobile!



The BUAV’s tourist awareness campaign has taken to the streets with an eye-catching billboard van that displayed our striking new advert highlighting the idyllic side to Mauritius with the byline that monkeys are transported from the island for the research industry and, like the tourists, they don’t want to leave.

Our tour began with a visit to the Mauritius High Commission in London where BUAV Chief Executive, Michelle Thew, handed in a copy of the BUAV investigative report and a letter requesting a meeting with the High Commissioner. We then travelled to a number of key locations in London, including Westminster where we were greeted by MPs who wanted to show their support for the BUAV campaign. 

For the final leg of the tour, we took the billboard van to the Head Office of Air France at Heathrow – an airline that regularly transports primates from Mauritius for the research industry. Despite a growing number of airlines disassociating themselves from this cruel trade, Air France has so far refused to stop transporting primates for research.  

Mauritius is a popular holiday destination for holiday-makers. The BUAV is urging travellers, many of whom are completely unaware of the cruelty and suffering that is inflicted on the island’s monkey population, to call on the Prime Minister of Mauritius to stop the cruelty.

Mauritius is the main supplier of monkeys to the UK research industry, including the offspring of individuals taken from the wild. The BUAV Stop the Baby Trade campaign has received tremendous support from UK politicians who want to see an end to the import of the offspring of wild-caught primates and we are delighted that MPs are once again supporting the BUAV’s efforts to end the cruel trade in primates from Mauritius. 

Please support our new tourist awareness campaign and contact the Mauritian Prime Minister to ask him to STOP the capture, breeding and export of monkeys from Mauritius for research.