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Thousands sign BUAV petition opposing beagle farm



A BUAV petition opposing the replacement of a beagle breeding facility in Yorkshire by Bantin & Kingman (B&K) has received an overwhelming response. The petition, which has now been submitted to The Planning Inspectorate, collected over 28,000 signatures in just over two weeks.

In June, the Planning Committee of East Riding Council rejected the original proposal by B&K following objections lodged by the BUAV, other animal groups and thousands of members of the public across Yorkshire and the UK. B&K subsequently appealed to The Planning Inspectorate.

The BUAV's Chief Executive, Michelle Thew said, “The BUAV urges The Planning Inspectorate to refuse B&K’s appeal to build a beagle breeding farm. There is widespread public concern about the use of dogs in research which is reflected in the large number of people who have signed the BUAV’s petition objecting to B&K’s plans. This will be a production line with the dogs treated as commercial products, bred to suffer and die in laboratories. Allowing such a facility to go ahead is likely to increase the number of dogs used in research as they will be more readily available. This is at odds with public opinion and the recent Government pledge to reduce the numbers of animals in experiments." 

The BUAV's opposition to the farm and petition against the farm has received national and regional media coverage, appearing in The Independent on Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who supported this important campaign. Help with future campaigns by signing up to BUAV action alerts.

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