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BUAV in Daily Mail feature on European animal chemical tests



The BUAV has featured in a Daily Mail article today looking at the use of animals in tests under the EU chemical testing regime, REACH. 

REACH is the European chemical testing regime. It stands for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals. Its purpose is to establish whether an estimated 30,000 chemicals on the market are safe for humans and the environment, and to control the use of those judged to present a risk. Animal testing will be used to establish the safety of these chemicals.

The BUAV has led the campaigning and lobbying in Europe since REACH was created in 2001. Along with our ECEAE partner organisations, the BUAV has been successful in campaigning for some highly significant amendments to the REACH legislation. These include the promotion of alternative methods, data sharing and scrutiny of test proposals. We have scientists with technical expertise analysing animal testing proposals and arguing for alternatives to be used instead.

Already we have saved over 4.5 million animals by highlighting gaps in REACH regulations where there was a huge risk companies might mistakenly duplicate animal tests.

However, we still have a lot to do as millions of animals are still suffering and dying in cruel poisoning tests. A recent report published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and analysed by the BUAV shows that there is a shocking proportion of animal testing taking place that is not required under REACH. Tests are taking place where there are validated alternatives. This is unacceptable and has resulted in the death of many thousands of animals.

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