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BUAV presses for faster action on animal testing ban for household products


The BUAV has today welcomed the Government’s reaffirmation of its intention to ban testing on animals for household products, although we are concerned by the continued uncertainty about which products will be covered and the absence of a firm date to implement the ban. It is unacceptable for animals to continue to suffer and die for a new washing up liquid or air freshener. 

Bob Russell, Liberal Democrat MP for Colchester, said: “I share the disappointment expressed by the BUAV. With colleagues, I shall work with the BUAV to see progress rather than more delay and to press for a definite implementation date on the a complete ban on animal testing for household products.”

The BUAV has spearheaded the campaign to end the use of animals to test household products. Our Clean up Cruelty campaign has gained widespread support around the UK from politicians, councils, retailers and the public who have pledged to only use cleaning products which are free from animal testing approved by the BUAV’s Humane Household Product Standard, symbolised by the Leaping Bunny logo.

All household products made by the Co-operative, Marks and Spencer, Astonish, Method, Bio-D, Suma and Faith in Nature have been approved under the BUAV’s internationally-recognised certification, the Humane Household Product Standard. This clearly illustrates that it is possible to sell safe and effective household products without inflicting pain and suffering on animals. 

We urge the Government to implement this ban as soon as possible for both final products and their ingredients.

For a full list of BUAV approved products please visit