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Glasgow MP Cleans Up Cruelty



William Bain, MP for Glasgow North East, can proudly declare that his constituency office is cruelty-free. William has taken the step to ensure that all the cleaning products used are free from animal testing, only using those approved under the BUAV’s humane standard symbolised by the Leaping Bunny logo.                                              

William Bain has joined forces with the BUAV to Clean Up Cruelty; supporting the campaign to end animal testing for household products and their ingredients. 

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of the BUAV, said: “We are delighted that William Bain MP is supporting our campaign. Glasgow now has a presence on BUAV’s cruelty-free map. We call on all politicians to follow William’s lead and sign up to this important campaign to end the cruelty and suffering inflicted on animals to test cleaning products.”

William Bain MP said: "Everyone can show their support for ending the testing of cleaning products and other household items on animals by making good choices when they shop. That’s why I buy products that meet the BUAV’s standards and have the Leaping Bunny sign. It’s really important that people contact their MP, to urge them to hold the Government to its pledge to scrap the testing of cleaning products on animals as soon as possible in this Parliamentary term.” 

The BUAV has spearheaded the campaign to end the use of animals in household product testing. Our high profile and successful Clean Up Cruelty campaign has already gained widespread support from politicians, retailers and the public. Since its inception in 2008, the BUAV has taken Clean Up Cruelty around the UK, visiting MPs and politicians to encourage them to make their offices cruelty-free. We won a victory last year when the Coalition Government pledged to ban the use of animals to test household products in its plan for government. The BUAV’s Early Day Motion calling for this ban has also received support from over 120 MPs.

Despite public opinion, many ingredients in UK household products continue to be tested on animals. Products approved under BUAV’s Humane Standard carry the Leaping Bunny logo, an internationally recognised and patented cruelty-free certification. Certified cruelty-free household products include those made by Marks & Spencer, Co-op, Astonish, Method, Bio-D and Faith in Nature.

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