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BUAV welcomes rejection of proposal to build beagle farm in Yorkshire



The BUAV has welcomed the decision by the Planning Committee of East Riding Council to reject a proposal by Bantin & Kingman (B&K) to build a replacement beagle farm in Yorkshire to breed and supply dogs for research. 

The BUAV lodged an objection to the planning application and wrote to all members of the Planning Committee. We also issued an Action Alert to our supporters to write letters of protest.  

BUAV's Chief Executive, Michelle Thew said, “The use of dogs in research is a subject that raises strong public concern. We are delighted that East Riding Planning Committee has voted to refuse B&K’s application to build a beagle breeding farm to feed the animal research industry. There are a range of modern, humane, non-animal research techniques available to scientists which should be used instead of inflicting suffering on dogs and other animals in laboratories.”

Thanks to everyone who supported this campaign!