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BUAV looks forward to working with newly elected politicians in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


With the elections behind us, the BUAV is looking forward to working with the new Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales, and Northern Ireland Assembly on animal testing issues. With over 50,000 animals experimented on in Northern Ireland, nearly 500,000 animals in Scotland, and over 58,000 animals in Wales, we have an important role to play. Also in Northern Ireland, animal testing is a devolved issue which means the MLAs supporting greater limits on animal testing in the country have the power to act on their views.

As a result of our pre-election work, we now know the views of almost a quarter of the Members of the Scottish Parliament and more than a fifth of the Members of the Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies on animal testing, and these views are encouragingly supportive of the work the BUAV does. For example, an overwhelming 100% of newly-elected representatives who responded to our survey in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland agreed or strongly agreed that more should be done to reduce the number of animals used in experiments.

See here for full results.

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of the BUAV said: “The BUAV survey results show a strong response from candidates on key areas of animal testing. We now look forward to working with the new MSPs in the Scottish Parliament, AMs in the National Assembly for Wales, and MLAs in the Northern Ireland Assembly to secure positive change for animals in laboratories.”

Thank you to all who supported this campaign through contacting your political candidates and voting for the animals on May 5th.