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ECEAE calls for UK government to uphold EU cosmetics animal testing ban


Representatives from the 15 countries of the BUAV-led European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) assembled today on The Green outside Parliament to urge the British Government to hold firm on the European Union plan to ban the sale of animal tested cosmetics.

ECEAE takes cosmetics campaign to WestminsterThere has been a ban on conducting animal tests for cosmetics in the UK since 1997, and in the EU since 2009. However, cosmetics tested on animals outside the EU can still be sold. A sales ban that would prevent this is due to come into effect in 2013, but this could now be delayed by up to ten years. If that happens, hundreds of thousands of animals will continue to die in cruel cosmetics tests for beauty products sold in the EU.

The ECEAE has launched the No Cruel Cosmetics campaign to uphold the cosmetics sales ban and is meeting in London this week to prepare for a decision by the European Commission on whether to propose any changes to the planned 2013 deadline. The meeting is being hosted by the BUAV, the UK member and Secretariat of the ECEAE.

An Early Day Motion supporting the ban has already been signed by 168 UK MPs. Please ask yours to join them

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of the ECEAE and BUAV states: “The UK made great progress by banning cosmetics testing on animals in 1997, but 15 years later cosmetics which have been tested on animals outside the UK are still available on the British market. The ECEAE calls on the UK Government to hold Europe to account and uphold the cosmetics testing ban in 2013. Caring members of the public should sign the ECEAE petition at”