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BUAV welcomes Devolved Assemblies candidates’ support to take action on animal experiments


Leading animal protection organisation the BUAV is calling on the new Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales, and Northern Ireland Assembly to ensure their policies reflect the views of party members on animal testing issues. This call follows the results of a BUAV survey in which an overwhelming 100% of election candidates in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and 99% of Welsh Assembly candidates who responded either agreed or strongly agreed that more should be done to reduce the number of animals used in experiments.

In 2009 over 50,000 animals were experimented on in Northern Ireland, nearly 500,000 animals in Scotland, and over 58,000 animals in Wales – a 20% increase on the previous year (1).

Other BUAV survey results included:

Northern Ireland

Following discussions with the BUAV, the Alliance Party and Green Party in Northern Ireland both included pledges on animal testing.


The BUAV previously criticised the large increase in animal experiments in Wales during 2009. Almost all animal experiments during this period were carried out at Cardiff University. Last year, the BUAV caused a public outcry by exposing the shocking experiments carried out on kittens, some as young as two months, at Cardiff.


Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of the BUAV, said: “These results show a strong response from candidates on key areas of animal testing. The BUAV is calling on the new Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly to ensure that their policies reflect the opinions expressed by candidates.”


In the run up to the Election, the BUAV sent a questionnaire to all prospective candidates from the main parties to gauge their views on a wide range of animal research topics. 129 candidates responded in Scotland, 79 in Wales and 46 in Northern Ireland.

1.The most recent animal testing statistics:

2.Except confidential and personal information