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BUAV Election 2011 ad campaign hits regional papers


The BUAV has placed a number of eye catching adverts in key regional newspapers ahead of the elections for the Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales and Northern Ireland Assembly, calling on voters to cast their vote for the animals. Protecting animal interests is an important issue for many people and most will be shocked to learn that in 2009 nearly 500,000 animals were experimented on in Scotland, 58,000 in Wales (a 20% rise) and over 50,000 in Northern Ireland.

The BUAV has written to all candidates from the main political parties standing in all three elections and asked for their views on animal experiments, including reducing the numbers of animals used; experiments on cats, dogs and primates; household products testing and transparency. 

If you have a vote in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland you can play an important role in these elections.

The BUAV advert appears in the Belfast Telegraph today and in the Scotsman, Western Mail and South Wales Echo tomorrow.

Find out your candidates' views on animal testing before heading to the polls on May 5th and make sure your vote is an animal friendly one!


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