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BUAV in crucial talks with European Commissioner on cosmetics testing



In the coming months, a crucial decision for animals will be made: the European Commission will advise on whether the EU should maintain the 2013 deadline, after which no cosmetics that have been tested on animals could be legally sold in the European Union.  The BUAV, heading  the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), is championing the cause and urging the Commission to stand firm.

As part of the consultations before the decision, Commissioner John Dalli invited the BUAV, as leaders of the ECEAE, to a meeting to enable him to hear the ethical and scientific arguments for standing firm on the deadline. The meeting, attended by the BUAV’s Michelle Thew and Nick Palmer, and representatives from Eurogroup for Animals, explored issues ranging from speeding up validation of alternatives to the current state of public and European Parliamentary opinion.

“We felt it was a serious, constructive meeting,” Michelle Thew, BUAV’s Chief Executive said afterwards. “We pressed the case for animals very strongly and we are hopeful that our arguments were heard. There was a broad consensus that there is little appetite in the European Institutions for abandoning the ban, which the European public so strongly favours.”

The meeting will be followed in the coming weeks by publication of the BUAV’s analysis of non-animal alternatives for cosmetics testing. The report, which is eagerly awaited by EU decision makers, demonstrates that the industry could meet the 2013 deadline and finally end animal testing for cosmetics on the EU market.