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BUAV welcomes ECHA efforts to improve transparency in REACH


The BUAV, as part of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), has today welcomed moves by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) to be more transparent about its decisions on animal testing under new EU chemicals legislation REACH.

Following repeated requests by the BUAV and ECEAE, the ECHA has announced that it will:

In addition, following repeated Freedom of Information requests by the BUAV and ECEAE for information on registered chemicals with testing proposals, ECHA has also simultaneously improved its publication rate of registration dossiers on its website.

The BUAV welcomes these steps towards improved transparency, as it will enable us to provide better comments on the testing proposals as well as to review our success at preventing new animal tests from occurring.

However, the BUAV regrets the time it has taken for these relatively simple steps (at least 18 months from our first request). We are also concerned that more could still be done. For example, requests for new animal tests under compliance check of dossiers are not routinely made public. In addition, claims for confidentiality can limit in practice the number of times observers are allowed in the Member State Committee sessions. For example, the Member State Committee meeting held this week still contains more ‘closed’ than ‘open’ sessions.