BUAV releases further shocking evidence of monkey suffering in Mauritius


The BUAV investigation into the trade in monkeys for research on Mauritius has obtained shocking images of this secretive industry; images that were never meant to be viewed by the outside world (see end of page).

These additional images show yet again the cruelty and suffering inflicted on thousands of primates who are torn from their families and jungle homes to either be exported directly for research or imprisoned on farms to produce offspring who will be exported to laboratories around the world. 

Footage obtained by the BUAV from inside a facility connected to Bioculture, one of the main monkey supply companies, shows the extremely stressful methods of capture used. Monkeys, frantic in their attempts to escape, were grabbed and pulled by their tails to capture them from pens and transfer to small cages prior to export. Because this species of monkey does not have a prehensile tail, such handling could result in injury, including the separation of vertebrae in the tail leading to considerable pain and debilitation.

On the Mauritius monkey farms, wild-caught females are forced into captivity to produce offspring to be exported for research. Footage obtained by the BUAV shows a female with her new born baby inside a concrete pen. Her infant, likely to be one of those destined for research, will be cruelly separated from her at a young age – usually between 10-12 months old – but it could be as young as eight months. Long-tailed macaques normally wean their babies at around 14 months, but continue to have intimate contact for years after this. Females would remain in their family groups for life and males would remain at least until four years of age.

We have sent copies of our report to the Mauritius Prime Minister and members of his Government urging them to take action to end this cruel and unethical trade.

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Images from undercover investigation in Mauritius 











Caged mother with her newborn infant



Dead monkey at breeding farm












Monkey caught by tail












Monkey being captured












Monkey handling












Monkey handling












Monkey handling












Monkey handling












Monkeys due to be exported












Monkeys are packed onto trucks to be exported


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