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BUAV attends Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham


This week the BUAV team is at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham (pictured above with MEP Giles Chichester). Over the next few days we aim to get our message across to MPs, Peers, MEPs, AMs, Councillors and party members.    

We are highlighting key areas of concern such as nonhuman primates, Freedom of Information and the use of cats and dogs in research.

We will also be promoting our Clean Up Cruelty campaign, to sign up as many people as possible to turn their offices cruelty-free and keep the pressure on to ensure the Coalition Government implements its pledge to ban the cruel use of animals to test household products.

The team has so far met with Penny Mordaunt, the new MP for Portsmouth North and MEPs, Marina Yannakoudakis and Giles Chichester.

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