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BUAV launches petition to end monkey suffering on Mauritius


The BUAV has launched a petition calling on the Prime Minister of Mauritius to ban the capture and export of primates. Please sign the petition and circulate it to your friends and family.

Last week, the BUAV launched the findings of its investigation into the trade in primates in Mauritius, the world’s second largest supplier of primates to the research industry.  Each year, thousands of monkeys are torn from their families and jungle homes and either exported directly for research or imprisoned on farms to produce offspring to be exported to laboratories around the world, where they or their offspring will suffer and die in experiments. The monkeys are exported to the European Union (mainly to the UK, France and Spain), the USA and Israel

The investigation has received international media coverage, including coverage from key newspapers on Mauritius, the Independent and L’Express.   

A copy of the BUAV report has been sent to the Mauritian Prime Minister and other Government Ministers.

Please support this important campaign.