BUAV disappointment at missed opportunity to improve provisional new EU law on animal testing


The BUAV, together with the ECEAE (European Coalition to End Animal Experiments) has criticised Members of the European Parliament Agriculture Committee for missing an opportunity of introducing key amendments to the future EU legislation on animal experiments. The vote on amendments destined to clarify important rules on animals used in laboratories took place today during the last Agriculture Committee before summer recess.

The revision of Directive 86/609/EEC started in November 2008 with the publication of the European Commission proposal, which included reasonable provisions in favour of more animal protection.

After 18 months of negotiations, most of the strongest proposals have been considerably weakened. Yet, the Rapporteur and other committee members insisted that the draft law was the best compromise possible and asked MEPs to avoid delaying the revision process by voting in favour of the few amendments tabled.

However, these amendments aimed at clarifying the wording of the draft legislation to ensure that common standards will be applied across the EU and to avoid differing interpretation of the rules.

The purpose of the amendments (tabled by the Green Party and MEP Brian Simpson) was to confirm that strong restrictions to the use of non-human primates will be in place, that non-animal alternative methods will be used when these are immediately available and that Member States could adopt stricter rules than the EU legislation.

Although these amendments reflect the demands of the Parliament at its First reading, the MEP members of the AGRI Committee rejected them.

This report prepared by this panel of MEPs will now be submitted to the Parliament for a final vote on the 7th September.

12th July 2010