BUAV accuses EU Council of issuing misleading public statement on animal testing


The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), of which the BUAV is the UK member group, has accused the EU Council of Ministers of issuing a highly misleading press statement about the changes to the animal experiments directive (Directive 86/609). The ECEAE has made a formal complaint of maladministration to the European Ombudsman against the Council.

On 3 June, the Council adopted its ‘common position’ on the new directive and subsequently issued a press statement. Amongst the complaints made by the ECEAE:


Michelle Thew, BUAV and ECEAE Chief Executive, said:

‘This is yet another example of politicians misleading the public into believing that they are improving the lot of animals in laboratories, in line with public opinion. Sadly, the rhetoric just does not match the reality. In fact, in some ways things will be even worse for animals across the EU. We are extremely disappointed that an opportunity to improve animal welfare and place greater restrictions on animal experimentation has so far been lost. We are determined to force the politicians and officials to at least be honest with the public.’

6th July 2010